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27th Conference Applications of Logic in Philosophy and the Foundations of Mathematics

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XXII Conference Applications of Logic in Philosophy and the Foundations of Mathematics

Szklarska Poręba 

8-12 May 2017

Abstracts 2017 (PDF / 737.52 kb)
Participants 2017 (PDF / 204.12 kb)

Organizing Committee

Janusz Czelakowski, University of Opole
Tomasz Połacik, University of Silesia 
Marcin Selinger, University of Wrocław

e-communication and computer setup:

Krzysztof Siemieńczuk 
Bartłomiej Skowron, Warsaw University of Technology


Note. (EN) means that the talk is presented in English, (PL) – in Polish.
Poniedziałek (Monday), 8 May 2017
Registration – from 2:00 PM.
Wtorek (Tuesday), 9 May 2017
  855 -    Otwarcie konferencji

              Sesja przedpołudniowa

  900 -     Andrzej Wiśniewski (EN), Generalized Entailment Meets Interrogative Entailment.
  935 -     Ewa Orłowska (EN), Discrete Dualities for Some Lattice-Based Algebras (Part I).

1020 -     Przerwa (Coffee Break)

1050 -     Ewa Orłowska (EN), Discrete Dualities for Some Lattice-Based Algebras (Part II).
1135 -     Jacek Malinowski, Tomasz Jarmużek, Mateusz Klonowski (EN), Bayesian Propositional Logic.
1210 -     Tomasz Połacik (EN), Archetypal Rules Beyond Classical Logic.
1235 -     Joanna Grygiel, Katarzyna Grygiel, Iwona Tyrala (EN), Some Combinatorial Aspects of Lattice Tolerances.
1300 -     Obiad (Lunch)

               Sesja popołudniowa

1500 -     Andrzej Indrzejczak (EN), Elimination of Cut in Non-Commutative Hypersequent Calculus for Temporal Logic.
1530 -     Dorota Leszczyńska-Jasion (EN),  Synthetic Tableaux with Unrestricted Cut for First-Order Logic.
1555 -     Michał Walicki (EN), Almost Classical Paraconsistent Logic.
1620 -     Paweł Łupkowski, Mariusz Urbański (EN), Where Logic Meets Linguistics. Inferential Layer of Annotation for the Erotetic Reasoning Corpus.

1640 -     Przerwa (Coffee Break)

1710 -     Anna Glenszczyk (EN), Investigations of Intuitionistic Control Logic and Its Fragments.
1730 -     Andrzej Gajda (EN), An Extension of Fixpoint Characterization for Grounded Definite and Grounded Acceptable General Logic Programs.
1750 -     Karolina Tytko (PL), Infinitesimals and Continuity from the Perspective of the Analysis of Motion.
1810 -     Mateusz Kaczor, Dorota Leszczyńska-Jasion (PL), Computational Complexity of Abductive Procedures Based on Two Methods: Analytic Tableaux and Synthetic Tableaux.
1830 -     Irena Trzcieniecka-Schneider (PL), Two Formal Models of the Concept of Temperance.
1850 -     Elżbieta Magner (PL), The Connective "czy" in Polish.
1910 -     Kolacja (Dinner)
Środa (Wednesday), 10 May 2017

              Sesja przedpołudniowa

  900 -     Petr Cintula, joint work with Carles Noguera (EN), Logic and Implication (Part I).
  945 -     Piotr Wojtylak, Wojciech Dzik (EN), Unification in Predicate Logic (Part I).

1025 -     Przerwa (Coffee Break)

1055 -     Janusz Czelakowski (EN), Performability of Actions.
1130 -     Piotr Kulicki, Marek Piechowiak (EN), A Logical Account of Subjective Rights.
1210 -     Robert Trypuz, Piotr Kulicki (EN), Obligation, Prohibition and Permission in the Action Language nC+.
1240 -      Mateusz Ignaszak, Dorota Leszczyńska-Jasion (EN), Dual Erotetic Version of System KE.
1300 -      Obiad (Lunch)

              Popołudnie wolne (Free Time)

2000 -    Uroczysta kolacja (Gala Dinner)
Czwartek (Thursday), 11 May 2017

              Sesja przedpołudniowa

  900 -     Petr Cintula, joint work with Carles Noguera (EN), Logic and Implication (Part II).
  945 -     Wojciech Dzik, Piotr Wojtylak (EN), Unification in Predicate (Modal) Logic (Part II).

1025 -     Przerwa (Coffee Break)

1055 -     Adam Přenosil, Tomáš Lávička (EN), Antistructural Completeness in Propositional Logics.
1125 -     Igor Sedlár (EN), Bimodal Dunn-Belnap Logic.
1155 -     Tomasz Witczak (EN), Intuitionistic Modal Logic Based on Neighborhood Semantics without Superset Axiom.
1220 -     Przemysław Wałęga (EN), Fragments of Halpern-Shoham Logic.
1240 -     Szymon Chlebowski (EN), First-Order Refutability Properties.
1300 -      Obiad (Lunch)

               Sesja popołudniowa

1500 -     Tommaso Moraschini, Ramon Jansana (EN), Advances in the Theory of the Leibniz Hierarchy.
1535 -     Tomáš Lávička, Carles Noguera (EN), Subdirect Representation in Abstract Algebraic Logic.
1605 -     Michał Zawidzki (EN), Temporalizing a Propositional Dynamic Logic for Qualitative Velocity.

1630 -     Przerwa (Coffee Break)

1700 -     Amanda Vidal (EN), Transitivity in Some Non-Classical Modal Logics.
1720 -     Michał Stronkowski (EN), Axiomatizations for Universal Classes.
1740 -     Marcin  Łazarz (EN), Covering Sublattices and Semimodularity.
1800 -     Szymon Frankowski (EN), Consequence Operations in the Lattices P(I)L and PR(I)L.
1820 -     Mateusz Uliński (EN), An Example of a Non-Recursive Modal Logic.
1840 -     Mateusz Klonowski (EN), Some Extensions of Relating Logic RFimp as a Logic of Causal Implication.
1900 -      Kolacja (Dinner)
Piątek (Friday), 12 May 2017

              Sesja przedpołudniowa

  900 -     Jerzy Pogonowski (EN), Cognitive Accessibility of Mathematical Objects.
  940 -     Janusz Kaczmarek (EN), Concepts in Ontology Defined by Lindenbaum’s Lattice.
1000 -     Ismail Hanoğlu (EN), The Impossibility of the Logical Definition of the Concept of the ”Existence” in Post- Avicenna Tradition: Fakhruddîn-Er-Râzî and His Approach to This Problem.
1015 -     Ismail Hanoğlu (EN), The Critique of Suhrawardî Al-Maktûl (d. 1191) to Aristotelian Logic: The Nature of Logical Definition.

1030 -     Przerwa (Coffee Break)

1100 -     Marek Magdziak (PL),  Some Logical Aspects of Ethical Evaluations.
1135 -     Marek Lechniak (PL), Can We Apply AGM Belief Revision Theory to Analyzing Collision of Norms in a Legal Code?
1155 -     Paulina Wiejak (PL), A Stroll with Kalinowski: A Brief Examination of Aristotelian Syllogisms in Kalinowski’s K2 System.
1215 -     Eugeniusz Wojciechowski (PL), Logical Formulas and Their Existential Import.
1235 -     Tomasz Albiński (PL), On a Problem with the Definition of Counterfactuals.

1255 -     Zamknięcie konferencji