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25th Conference Applications of Logic in Philosophy and the Foundations of Mathematics

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XXV Conference
Applications of Logic in Philosophy and the Foundations of Mathematics
12-13 May 2022
  Abstracts 2022 (PDF) 
 Note. (EN) means that the talk is presented in English, (PL) – in Polish. 

Thursday, 12 May 2022

   925 -     Opening of the conference
              Morning Session
    Keynote Lecture:
    930 -     Ludomir Newelski (EN), Model Theory, a Survey with Particular Emphasis on Topological Methods.
  1030 -     Janusz Kaczmarek (EN), Ontological Versions of Temporal Logics in Wolniewicz Structures of Lattices (Including Topological Interpretation).
  1100 -      Coffee Break
  1130 -     Jacek Malinowski (EN), Connexive Logics and Relating Semantics.
  1150 -     Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska (EN), Operatory Counterparts of Reasoning.
  1230 -     Tomasz Witczak (EN), Some Operations on Flou Sets: A General Framework.
  1300 -     Lunch Break
              Afternoon Session
   1500 -     Piotr Błaszczyk, Anna Petiurenko (EN), Euclid Parallel Axiom and Infinities.
   1530 -     Adam Trybus (EN), Chwistek’s “On Axioms” as a Foundational Text in the History of Polish Logic.
   1600 -     Mariusz Stopa (EN), Discussion of the Notion of Co-topos.
   1630 -      Coffee Break
   1700 -     Marek Magdziak (PL), Existential Judgments.
   1730 -     Marcin Drofiszyn (PL), Obligation Based on Preference.
   1800 -     Agnieszka Kozdęba, Apoloniusz Tyszka (PL), Statements and Open Problems on Decidable Sets X N.
   1830 -     Closing of the session

Friday, 13 May 2022

              Morning Session
   Keynote Lecture:
     930 -     Mirna Džamonja (EN), The Finite as the New Infinite.
   1030 -     Zofia Kostrzycka (EN), On Translation from Intuitionism to Brouwer’s Modal Logic.
   1100 -     Coffee Break
   1130 -     Szymon Chlebowski (EN), Kripke Semantics for Intuitionistic Logic with Identity.
   1200 -     Agata Tomczyk (EN), Sequent Calculus for a Boolean Extension of non-Fregean Logic SCI.
   1230 -     Dawid Czech (EN), Proof-Theoretical Analysis of Intuitionistic Non-Fregean Logic and Its Extensions.
   1300 -     Lunch Break
              Afternoon Session
   1500 -     Wim Ruitenburg (EN), One Hundred Years of Logic for Constructive Mathematics.
   1540 -     Yaroslav Petrukhin (EN), Algebraic Completeness of Bi-intuitionistic Multilattice Logic.
   1610 -     Patryk Michalczenia (EN), Subnormal Modal Logics.
   1640 -     Coffee Break
   1700 -     Jacek Hawranek (PL), Disjunction Property for Some Systems of Leśniewski's Ontology.
   1730 -     Eugeniusz Wojciechowski (PL), The Definite Negation and Intuitionistic Logic.
   1800 -     Elżbieta Magner (PL), The Connective „I… i…” in Polish.
   1830 -      Closing of the conference